I titled the blog the bump and grind of daily life, yet I haven’t been sharing. Haha. I started a new job recently and a crazy thing happens when I do. The weather always does something be it a tornado on my first night, a snow storm making it difficult to get to the place and I have some kind of health issue, ie pneumonia, RA issue or even an unplanned surgery within my 90 days. This new adventure started out just like all the others. My second week of training we got a snow storm. I had a cancer scare but turned out to be all okay and them my first night flying solo on the job… car died on me. 11o’clock p.m. I am tired, hungry and cold. I go out in the bitter cold night, turn the key… nothing!!! My head is screeching and screaming. I am so mad! I do not have a lot of men to contact. It’s also late and at this age even the men I know are down for the night and are not going to be happy that I’m calling at that hour. On a cold February night. Thankfully someone was able to help, in the form of my ex-husband. It seems to be a dead battery, really dead! Now for my pandemic plug. Due to the pandemic Wal-Mart is not opened 24 hrs anymore, in the old days I could have went right over and bought a new battery, put it in and on my way. Now I have to wait for someone to be available and that I’m not putting anyone out. I hate to be an inconvenience to anyone. Hopefully this is all the car needs. The humbling part of this is not just the car issue but the fact that I can call upon my ex and without any complaint, he was there to help me. I am blessed that I had someone I knew and trusted so the night wasn’t completely terrible.

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