One year! 12 months, 365 days, 5256000 minutes and 31536000 seconds. March 31, 2020 my world shut down. My job closed, my daughter moved out of our apartment with the intention to move to Las Vegas and I was sick! The news was going crazy about the covid-19 pandemic. I was lost and confused and very lonely. We had to quarantine from everybody! Our families, friends, and co-workers. Easter was right around the corner and no one could get together. I was already losing time with my dad, the pandemic separated us more. Fear was instilled, uncertainty loomed over our heads, distrust in the powers that be seeped into our core.”Do this, do that. DON’T do this, DON’T do that!” So much confusion set in. Lies to keep us in the dark so we would follow blindly. A year! Realizing that trusting in a higher power, trusting our own guts, being proactive for ourselves made more sense. Did I believe the hype? Yes! I knew people were getting sick, had family that “got it!” They just didn’t get it to the extreme the news was reporting. I knew people were dying, they let us know every. Day. The numbers! It was so depressing. There was no way to get away from it… unless I shut the television off! I couldn’t function without my family or people in general. I needed human connection, contact with the outside world. I ended up moving in with my brother and his family. I made it possible to help with my dad! I got out of the house and into the sun! I called my kids as much as I could to hear their voices. I needed to know they were okay. Mother’s day was lonely. Work opened back up with crazy restrictions. I got out on the 4th of July for some normalcy! I lost my dad, my grandson was born and I went on my very first amazing vacation. I chose to live! The world is slowly easing back into movement. Yesterday, I got the vaccine. It was a hard decision. I didn’t do it for political or religious reasons, but to keep being vigilant with my health. I will be the one keeping myself and others safe. I will shield who I can. I am hopeful for the future. I shut the television off! I go out and eat at restaurants! I shop at the stores! A year later, still masking up, still sanitizing everything, still “social distancing,” I appreciate more, I slow down and take in all that is around me, I pray more, I let my family and friends know that I love them. I finally release the fear and uncertainty to God. He has always had my back and been by my side, this pandemic was no different. He has kept me healthy and safe. ONE YEAR!

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