This morning I am sitting in my chair looking out the big picture window anticipating the arrival of my daughter. I get to meet my grandson soon. It brought back a memory. My daughter loved her grandpa and grandma and for her second birthday I had a party. She was excited at all the activity around her as I was setting up the room, she was underfoot. I put a chair next to the big window and gave her a doll to hold with instructions “to watch for grandma and grandpa.” She always took direction and listened, so she did as she was told. I took a moment from decorating and snapped a picture of her. Her tiny dress shoes on her feet dangling, her dress politely covering her knees and hugging her dolly. She looked out that window so diligently, waiting… her excitement was so hysterical when she spotted them pulling in the drive, she jumped off that chair and stood, body wiggling in a little dance at seeing them. I now feel that same excitement. All the hardships of last year and the cold gloomy weather, this is what I need. I needed to feel excited about something. I needed a purpose to fight again. And now I do. I get to hold my grandson for the first time. To see the wonder and hope and all things new again. God always knows when to send that miracle. My grandson, my miracle.

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