When I sit and think about the people who have entered and exited my life over the forty-eight years I’ve been on this earth, I am amazed at the wonderful friends I have made. I have been blessed with a friendship that has lasted thirty-two years and still going strong. She has been by my side during some really wonderful moments and then she has held my hand and wiped my tears through the hardest time of my life. She is not the only friend that I consider a “best” friend, there is another who I’ve only known a little over four years, completely opposite of the other, yet just as important. She challenges me and fuels the other side of my personality… It really doesn’t matter the longevity of a friendship but the powerful impact they make in your life. A good friend will listen to you boast about your kids accomplishments without rolling their eyes, listen to you complain about the most petty things that happened in your day, will laugh at your dumb jokes~ because they get you, they always have something to say to pick you up when your sad and blue, have your back when you run your mouth, but most of all a great friend will encourage your dreams and what is important to you. I love everybody wholeheartedly, so when someone comes into my life I really hold onto them tight and cherish them, there are just a few special ones that reciprocate the same values that I hold dear in a friendship. I am blessed and thankful for the love and loyalty we share. I hope and pray you all have someone you can let your hair down and be yourself around. It is an amazing feeling and very special.

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