I have always thought that I was a strong minded person. I can usually rationalize crazy situations. I am a hot head, so I spout off first, think later. But these times that we are a living are tougher than I have ever imagined! I mean, the History Channel has documentaries about how back in the day this is what happened and this is how they survived. They don’t talk about HOW they dealt with it. I have been struggling since the pandemic shut the world down back in April. I had a little meltdown. Being a social butterfly who needs people and human interaction, I was a mess. Not only that, it meant I couldn’t see my dad. I was already losing time with him, but then he was quarantined for his safety. Today I sit and wonder what to think of things to come. I’m lost and confused. I cry all the time. The world is still crazy, with no positive outlook anytime soon. I can’t physically see or hug my family and that rips my heart to pieces. I crave one on one conversation. Kids today probably are okay with talking on the phone or texting or video chatting, not me! I want to experience a human connection. I haven’t been to church since before the shutdown, can’t open my Bible and I’ve never been like that. I love God’s guidance and to read His word, but I’m struggling and I know I am not the only one. I have no positive words or phrases to pass along due to the fact that I need them myself. I just hope we all come out the other side of this whole and healthy.

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