Nigel watched as Cyrnese attended Brynn. Her tenderness spoke to his heart. She washed her face with a cool rag and spoke in a soft whisper.
“My name is Cyrnese Etan of Brandywine. I’m here to help you.”
“Thank ye, misstress.” Brynn smiled a weak smile and Cyrnese felt her insides melt.
“Save your strength, rest.” Cyrnese patted the back of her folded hands, then stood. She removed her cloak and had Nigel prepare a stronger fire. She had Daniel retrieve a large pot with instructions to fill it with water from the rain. She removed different small glass viles and herbs from the wicker basket Edit had given her.
Cyrnese busied herself grinding powders, steeped teas over the fire then hung garlic, Angelica and jasmine in all corners of the hut. In her mind she prayed to herself that she would be able to summon The Gift her mother claimed she possessed. This kind sweet woman with the azure blue eyes, so frail and trusting… ‘trusting ME to heal her.”
She felt a familiar buzz in her head and then that voice.
“Cyrnese! I have faith in your abilities. I can see the strength in you. You have purity and kindness that Is needed to push through this evil.”

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