We have all known someone who has fought cancer and won, are still fighting and those who have lost their battle. I was taught at an early age that the word “hate” is a bad word, not to use it as it is hurts others. Well I HATE cancer. I have lost numerous friends, acquaintances and family members and now I’m watching my dad. Cancer does not discriminate. It doesn’t care of your financial status, ethnicity, religious or political views. It does not care, period! The thing I hate the most is how it is a huge commodity for big pharmacare and physicians who are in league with the insurance companies. That will be a different blog! Cancer… why? Why choose an innocent child or someone who has loved God their whole lives or someone who has been a hard working, kind and gentle soul? Why make them suffer? Why do you take away their dignity, their memories? Why do we have to sit and watch a wonderful person be reduced to a bed, using a tube to relieve themselves and bedpans? Ugh. It is horrible! How do I cope with the vision before me. I am an imperfect Christian, I struggle daily, yet I know my Lord, my Father in Heaven has a plan, but why this? I can never wrap my head around it. I know I have to trust in Him. I will keep all of my memories of my dad close to my heart! I am trying to be brave, be a good daughter until the end. I pray for all of you who have already been through this that you have the strength to go on and for those who are also going through it now, prayers for peace and strength. I know I need it.

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