Hello, I’m Dee.

I enjoy hashing out daily issues in my life by writing unique stories that other’s can relate to.

Latest from the Blog

Phoenix Year

A phoenix represents rebirth, magic, safety, transformation, permanence, inventiveness and sacredness of life. Rising from darkness into light… As with all, I have reflected on 2022 and what a year it was! It started going one direction then it took a sharp right turn in a completely different direction. I am okay with that because…

Moms vs Dads

This past week I had to watch a young man I love dearly lay his father to rest. Losing a parent is tough no matter what age the child is, but a young man in his twenties should not be worrying about the things he’s had to endure: let alone plan a funeral. Once again…


I decided to sit at the window, usually I tuck myself in a dark corner and hide from the world, ignored and forgotten. I’m looking out at the dismal foggy day. The cold wind and rain matched my mood. I sat and listened to the buzz of people coming in and out of the coffee…

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